AxissFix Plus

Safety turns easy, now from birth
Authentic Black
  • i-Size safety
  • 360° swiveling seat
  • Grows with baby from birth to 4 years
  • Rearward- and forward-facing travel

Product description

The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus is a baby & toddler car seat which offers top safety and the convenience of the 360° rotation, from birth up to 4 years.

The AxissFix Plus combines top safety performance, by complying with the latest i-Size car seat regulation (R129), and 360° rotation to offer you the best ease of use ever! The ISOFIX system enables a very easy and safe car seat installation, and the seat offers rear-facing travel up to approx. 2years (87 cm) to enhance head & neck protection. On top of it, AxissFix Plus grows with your child from birth (45 cm) with its cozy enveloping inlay, up to 4 years (105 cm). It will take only a few seconds to secure your child facing you, and switch from rearward- to forward-facing in just a seat rotation.

Why choose me

EASE OF USE 360° seat rotation to facilitate baby installation Simultaneous safety harness & headrest adjustment Central selection dashboard to easily switch from rear to forward-facing mode Height indicator: shows when to switch from rear to forward-facing 2 smart belt hooks: facilitate child installation by maintaining the harness wide open One-hand harness adjuster Washable cover COMFORT Cozy enveloping inlay: to ensure top safety and comfort newborns up to approx. 4 months (61 cm) 7 position headrest adjustment: always perfect fit for the growing child 4 reclining positions in both ways: to ensure comfortable travelling Very comfortable and padded with enhanced comfort of the seat, backrest & headrest Shoulder, belt and crotch pads for comfort SAFETY i-Size safety (R129): complies with the latest car seat regulation including the highest demanding safety criteria Cozy safety inlay to cocoon the newborns safely Rear-facing car seat: rear-facing travel up to approx. 2 years (87 cm) for enhanced protection of head & neck ISOFIX car seat: ISOFIX installation with Top Tether for a very easy and safe installation of the car seat in the car Headrest with high performance impact-absorbing material for extra head protection in case of a lateral impact 5-point integral safety restraint harness to ensure child’s security Anti-slip harness pads for high restraint performance in case of a frontal impact A.S.B system (Automatic Safety Belt) to maintain a secure connection between the base and the seat Indicators ensure correct ISOFIX installation and Top Tether tightening GENERAL Rear-facing from 45 to 87 cm (birth to approx. 2 years) Forward-facing from 76 to 105 cm (>15m to approx. 4 years) Compact design to fit small cars


What is IsoFix?
ISOFIX is an international standardized fitting system, which provides the safest, easiest and quickest way to install a child car seat correctly without the need of vehicle seat belts. The name ISOFIX stands for ISO (International Standardization Organization) plus FIX (Fixation). ISOFIX car seats make use of two standard attachment points located at the base of the seat, plus an anti-tipping forward device: either a support leg or top tether. From 2006 all new cars are equipped with ISOFIX, and ISOFIX is also fitted in a large number of car brands built prior to 2006. Find out more about ISOFIX.
My child climbs out of the safety harness, what can I do ?
The same principle applies to all car seats and means that your child cannot create extra space if there is no extra space to begin with. Some children have shown us that, with only a minimum of slack in the belt system, they can get a hand between the buckle and their stomach and then, by moving it towards their head, they can get an elbow under the belts – but this requires a very flexible shoulder. These children display a tremendous desire to free themselves from their car seat. Child safety in the car and freedom of movement are not compatible in principle. To transport a child not only safely but also comfortably, a slight amount of slack in the belt system is needed. If the belt is pulled extremely tightly and the child is sitting calmly in the car seat, experience has taught us that all car seats are the same when it comes to 'climbing out of the car seat'. We see a similar pattern in children ages 1-4 years in car seats of various types and from various manufacturers. The belt system is a closed system that keeps the child in the same position continuously - during normal car trips as well as during a sudden stop or accident. This system is closed by securing the child when tightening the belts. If this is done properly, the belts cannot be loosened during use (if this does happen, we ask that you contact our Service Department through the retailer where you bought the product).
The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus complies with i-Size (R129) regulation. What does that mean ?
i-Size (R129) is a new European regulation, active from July 2013, that aims at increasing children safety in car by supporting rearward facing travelling up to at least 15 months, promoting universal ISOFIX installation, and improving safety standards for additional protection for head and neck. Find out more about i-Size
Why the classification on the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus is now in length indication (cm) and not in weight (kg)?
The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus complies with the new i-Size (R129) regulation, and this change is part of i-Size. It is done in order to make it easier for parents to choose the right car seat for their child, and thereby minimize premature up-sizing of the car seat. The size will now be the new reference to choose the correct car seat. Nevertheless, weight are still taken in account as i-Size regulation also mentions that weight of the car seat + weight of the child should not overtake 33kg. Consequently, AxissFix/AxissFix Plus car seat is suitable toddlers from 61 to 105cm length, and maximum 19kg weight.
How to be sure The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus is locked in the correct travelling position ?
The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus has 2 travelling position: rearward facing (from 61 - 87cm / approx. 4m - 2y) and forward facing (76 - 105cm />15m - approx. 4y). Before installing your toddler in the seat, the first step is to select the correct traveling position in the central dash board, depending on your toddler size/age. Then, you will be able to swivel the seat from facing you to the selected travelling  position. Once the traveling position is locked, you will not be able to swivel the seat in the wrong direction unless you change the selection in the dash board again. This will avoid possible mistake in the daily life.  The handles will close, and a "clack” can be heard to confirm the seat is locked in the travelling position
How to swivel The MC AxissFix/AxissFix Plus ?
To swivel the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus from traveling position (rearward or forward facing) to facing you, you only need to pull the handle side of the door to unlock the seat position (no need to use the 2 handles) and swivel the seat facing you. When you want to swivel the seat from facing you to the traveling position, then you only need to swivel the seat itself (no need to use the handle in this case).
A swiveling seat is very convenient but I'm wondering if the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus can come off from its base in case of accidents?
AxissFix/AxissFix Plus is the successor of the successful Axiss car seat, which has proven on the past 7 years that it’s a reliable and safe toddler car seat.  It took a couple of years of R&D research, crash simulation, and a lot of real crash tests performed before launching this new AxissFix/AxissFix Plus car seat. Because it's now a 360° swiveling seat, the mechanism has been intensively tested in all configurations to resist to strong forces, and provide a very high level of safety, requested by the new i-Size (R129) regulation. No fear, AxissFix/AxissFix Plus car seat is a state of the art safety car seat, answering to the high demanding safety criteria defined by the new regulation, and benefits from all the expertise of Maxi-Cosi.
Can I swivel the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus when it’s in recline position ?
Yes, The Maxi-Cosi AxissFix/AxissFix Plus can be swiveled even when the seat in in recline position to give you maximum convenience in daily use.
Can the anti-slip shoulder pads material be painful for child during the summer?
The anti-slip harness pads play an important safety role. It offers high restraint performance by reducing forward facing movement in case of a frontal impact. This material has been selected for these high performance restraint criteria and because it is soft, it is not painful for the child regardless of the temperature in the car. As it is part of the safety of the Mica, you always need to use the harness of the car seat.
Can I install a play chain in the Automatic Safety Belt (A.S.B) ?
When AxissFix/AxissFix Plus is installed in rearward-facing, the Automatic Safety Belt is going across, opposite to the door, and is connecting the top of the base to the top of the seat. On this belt, you can attach a soft play chain to entertain the child during the travel. It will not affect the safety as this belt is equipped with a belt winder. Please remove the play chain or the toy before swiveling the seat as it main interfere with the rotation.
Can I use the AxissFix Plus newborn inlay in the AxissFix?
This is not allowed. The AxissFix Plus newborn inlay has been configured and homologated for use with the AxissFix Plus only, ensuring a safe use of the AxissFix Plus from birth (45 cm). Using the AxissFix Plus newborn inlay in the AxissFix will make the seat uncompliant with the stringent i-Size (R129) safety requirements.