Maxi-Cosi loves Safety Technology

Our car seat heritage, knowledge and innovation

For more than 30 years we’ve focused on the safety, care and comfort of your child while you focus on the road. Our aim is to make your life as busy, modern parents a simpler and smoother ride.

Together with experts all over Europe, we’ve worked hard to continuously improve our baby and toddler car seat design over the decades.

From the moment you step outside the hospital carrying your newborn baby in one of our car seats, you can rest assured that you’re protecting their wellbeing from the very beginning.

Maxi-Cosi’s history and experience

It’s 1984. Babies are being transported in cars in unrestrained carrycots. Toddlers are ferried about in chairs hung over a car’s back seat. This is when Maxi-Cosi launches Europe’s first child car seat, Maxi-Cosi Standaard.

30 years later, our mission remains the same: continuously innovate our car seat technology so that your children travel as safely as possible.

Cars are designed for adults, not children. So we constantly innovate, test and improve our designs in partnership with other organisations concerned about child car safety such as the United Test and Assembly Center Ltd (UTAC), Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and the European Commission.

Our philosophy

Understanding what modern parents and children need is at the heart of our manifesto. We’re continually listening to and interacting with you, our customers.

We know you want easy-to-use car seats that save you time, keep your child safe and look great. This knowledge, combined with our many years of experience developing child car safety technology, means we innovate to solve the problems no-one else does.

We set new standards in car seats

Maxi-Cosi has been driving car seat standards since 1984.

Our many patents are proof of our technological innovation since we launched our first baby base unit all those years ago.

What this means is that you can focus your attention on your children while we work hard to keep them safe with the help of our research and development.

You may not even be aware of our safety innovations such as the Pebble belt hooks and Side impact protection system.

These hidden technologies work together in every one of our car seats to provide the best protection and comfort for your child.

 We were the first to:

  •  Win a 5-star ADAC rating for a car safety seat with our CabrioFix
  • Launch built-in sun canopies
  • Develop easy-out harness systems
  • Create the ISOFIX Click-and-go concept

The ISOFIX Click-and-go concept remains an easy way to transport your children aged 0 to 4 years old in different car seats. See our ISOFIX car seats.

How we innovate

We listen and respond when you tell us your needs. Then we create solutions to make sure car seats aren’t misused, as this is the most common reason travel can become unsafe.

For instance, the concepts for our FamilyFix and 2wayFix unit bases are based on input from our feedback panel.

Your children’s comfort is also very important to us. So, the head support adjustment in our Pebble is very simple, allowing the seat to be modified to your baby’s needs. See our rearward-facing car seats

We never stop innovating. Our experts have once again proved themselves by developing the first baby car seat to meet strict new EU regulations,  the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, launching in December 2014. 

How we test our products

When you buy one of our child car seats you’re investing in years of research, development and testing. We have our own laboratories where we check, examine and test new materials

Our crash test facilities are actually so advanced that they’re often used by EU regulators. Our experts carry out more than 2,000 crash tests every year to test existing products and develop new technology.

Our more demanding crash tests are similar to those carried out by the independent and internationally respected car safety expert, Euro NCAP.

That’s why Maxi-Cosi is renowned for using cutting-edge innovation for safe, reliable car seats.