TV award for Maxi-Cosi

Praise for outstanding customer service

Maxi-Cosi’s outstanding customer service has won us an award from Dutch TV show, Radar.

The way we helped a family who were involved in a car accident won us praise on the weekly consumer show – and an award presented by the father of the family.

The accident
The family – including 3 children aged 1, 3 and 4 who were in car seats in the back of the car – was returning from a winter sports trip when another car collided with the back of theirs at 40-50kph. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Brand new car seats
After the accident, the family contacted Maxi-Cosi to thank us for keeping their children safe, and to ask about getting new car seats.

They didn’t know about our car seat swap service, so they were surprised to find that we could replace all 3 car seats in exchange for the old ones.

And as the oldest daughter was ready to move to a bigger car seat and the youngest would also move up within a few months, we didn’t just swap the seats for similar ones – we gave them brand new car seats in the new sizes.

“We always want to transport children safely – that’s why we offer a service like this,” says Robbie Hendriks, Maxi-Cosi operational marketing manager. “People who’ve experienced a crash like this shouldn’t have to worry about things like how to get new car seats.

“And from a technical point of view, we always want to find out how our seats perform in car crashes and how we can improve them even more.

“We’re so delighted that people are really experiencing  and appreciating our customer care.”

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